The activity will take place according to the law and according to informing the Environmental Protection Agency from Giurgiu about the possible situations which might occur and affect the environmental factors.

The anual reporting to EPA Giurgiu according to G.D. no. 856/2002 regarding the management records for the waste material and for aproving the list containing the waste, including dangerous waste, the quantity of generated, capitalized and wliminated waste from the own activity.

According to G.D. 878/2005, for the active dissemination of the information regarding the environment, the company is bound to inform the public quarterly, by displaying on their own webpage or other communication means, about theyr products and/or activities consequences over the environment and to communicate to EPA an quarterly report regarding:

• the quality of the used waters;
• the operating mode for the capture systems, adduction of water and the operating way for the treatment plants;
• eventual recorded loses of water;
• flows of consumed water;
• treated and discharged volumes of water from the treatment plant;
• possible accidents and pollution;
• possible imitations from the citizens regardint the working way of the objective and how it affects the environment or near-by residents;
• anual reports accordint with G.D. 856/2002 towards the Compartiment of Administration for the Waste and Dangerous Chemichal Substances - EPA Giurgiu of the quantities for oxidized turning, resulted after the melting of ingots, slag of titanium from the manufacturing of pre-alloys, the mud resulted after the purging process of the domestic sewage, residual oil from the braking of used emulsions from the hidropneumatic plant and the final storage locations, respectively the authorized economic operators to handle this kind of waste;
• the quantities of utilized substances in the manufacturing process: hydrofluoric acid, soda, vanadium pentoxide, soda, caustic soda, industrial lime, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, calcium carbonate, shall be reported annually to the Compartiment of Administration for the Waste and Dangerous Chemichal Substances - EPA Giurgiu;
• other elements regarding the functionality of the objective and which might have effect on the state of the environment.

The annual report to EPA Giurgiu of the generated, capitalized and eliminated waste quantity from the own activity on types (including wastes from the machinery and systems disassembly) and keeping an evidenge on managing theese monthly, according to G.D. no. 856/2002.

Below are presented the rports for EPA Giurgiu (click on every link to view):