During June 2012 - June 2014, SC ZIROM SA has implemented an investment plan focused on developing an integrated production lines for manufacturing titanium ingots and titanium alloys.

For optimal implementation of this investment plan were accessed European funds through Sectorial Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness" 2007 - 2013, as a result of project implementation grant "Strengthening and upgrading the productive sector by purchasing forging machines".

In the project financing "Strengthening and upgrading the productive sector by purchasing forging machines" have purchased a number of 11 specific technological equipment:

• Hydraulic Equipment for forging press;
• Railbound Manipulator ;
• Rotating transfer table;
• Mobile Manipulator;
• Heating furnace (two pieces);
• Heat treatment furnaces;
• Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Testing System;
• Shot blasting machine;
• Mobile Grinder;
• Cutting machine;

All this equipment is functioning according to all technical provisions of standards in force.

The added value obtained by project implementation, respectively project impact is testified by following dimensions:

a) added value redounded on SA ZIROM SA trough the investment project implementation will fundamentally influence the development of ZIROM SA, due to new conditions implemented for significant improvement of entire productivity and due to new and performant equipment acquisition;

b) added value redounded on local community through the investment implementation will create new jobs, mainly for local personnel, and all taxes paid to local budget will bring benefit to local community ;

c) added value redounded on business environment by increasing the competitiveness and productivity following the project implementation. SC ZIROM SA can became an authentic engine for the economical development of the area;

d) added value redounded on potential clients of SC ZIROM SA by variation of products. The customers will have the possibility to choose from a larger range of products and increasing of producers will positively affect the quality-price ratio;